Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to TheCave101

Hi, my name is Memrie and my husband is Zach. We have been living the Paleo lifestyle for almost two years now. I never thought that two years ago I would pass on the bread and pasta. We have learned so much over the last two years and it has all been for the best! Going Paleo was something we kind of stumbled across and then the more we read, the more we didn't look back. Yes, we will eat an occasional gluten-free snack or some white potatoes but for the most part we are 90% Paleo. We don't push it on people but we do love it when people come to us when they are interested and want to know more. Zach and I think it is a great lifestyle to live and have seen nothing but great changes in our bodies. On this blog, we will talk about fitness, Paleo, books and cookbooks we like and the recipes we have tried, and how we plan on raising our son caveman style!

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