Sunday, December 1, 2013

21 DSD: Final Thoughts

I started the 21-Day Sugar Detox on November 1st. I planned it this way so I would be off of it by the time my 1st of 4 Thanksgiving meals rolled around. I woke up bright and early on that Friday morning took a few measurements and to weigh myself. After that I looked at the scale, which I step on pretty faithfully, and said see ya later! This might have been the longest I had ever gone without weighing myself. I even weighed daily during my pregnancy. I gave 110% to the detox for the next 21 days. 

In the book, there is a short little quiz that will guide you to what level and modifications you need to follow. I was guided to level 3 with the energy modifications. There are, also, meal plans that you can follow with each level. I chose not to follow one of her plans simply because preparing all my meals ahead of time works best for me. 

Following Level 3, was pretty easy. I follow the Paleo Lifestyle so I already follow the no-grain, dairy or legumes. So,what changed in my diet??? Well... I like treats! I follow a lot of the Paleo Big Wigs on several social media websites so all those yummy recipes they post works because I immediately want to try them. Our cabinet is stocked with dates, honey, and coconut sugar so when I see one of those recipes I just hop to the kitchen and try them out. Also, I typically follow a very low carb/Paleo diet and then one day on the weekend I splurge on all thingsPaleo carbs.

What did I learn from the detox? I learned so much! I learned that I needed more carbs because of how active I am and because I am a nursing mother. I didn't need all those Paleo treats because thankfully, there were some in the books that completely satisfied me. I had more energy and I didn't think I wasn't going to make throughout the day. My face cleared up tremendously, my digestive system was working better, I wasn't bloated, I just overall felt better. 

During the 21-DSD, I ate more food than ever including carbs and enjoyed every bite. I would say that I was eating somewhere between 2500-2800 calories a day. Yes, I am a female and yes, I was eating that much. I am very active and have a job that keeps me moving plus I nurse or pump every 3-5 hours throughout the day starting at 2:45 a.m. 

After my 21 days, I reunited with the scale and to my surprise eating as much as I did, I lost 3 lbs. I probably could have lost even more if I wouldn't have tried almost all of the non-sweet treats from the book. My measurements, well I will just let you see for yourself...

Yep, my measurements changed that much in 21 days. I did not do this detox because I thought I was going to lose weight but seeing these numbers was a great surprise! 

I have been asked if I will continue to eat this way or will I eat sweetened goodies again. If you remember at the beginning of this post I said I had 4 Thanksgiving meals to enjoy. I have been off the detox for a week enjoying sweet potato casserole, some delicious chocolate chip pecan bars, apple crumble (we used the recipe out of the 21-DSD book but we sweetened it a little for others), some yummy, almond butter dark chocolate cookies and such. How have I felt over the last week not being on the detox? Awful. The first night after enjoying these such items, I came down with an awful sinus cold, I have had a few breakouts on my face, I have been miserably bloated and overall just awful. So, back to the question about will I stay following the 21-DSD... YES! Will I enjoy non 21-DSD foods again, yes. I plan to follow the 21-DSD unless it is a special occasion such as Christmas, birthdays and other Holidays. Today, we will be done with all the leftovers so I am starting back tomorrow. 

I hope my final thoughts help you decide whether or not you want to purchase the book. First of all, if it has Diane Sanfilippo's name on it... GET.IT. Second of all, do it for yourself. You will feel so much better. 

Order your copy here and you can also go ahead and pre-order the 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook here.

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